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Shark Tank (HD, New, TV-PG) A married couple presents their special twist to a household item; entrepreneurs pitch their food allergy prevention system for babies.
Shark Tank (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Entrepreneurs present their design that turns sneakers into golf shoes; entrepreneurs invent a product that helps relieve body pain.
9 On Your Side at 11PM
Sports of All Sorts (HD)

Forensic Files The Gambler (HD, TV-14) Law enforcement officials investigate a gambling-related triple homicide that is the first to occur in the quiet town of Verona, Washington.
Forensic Files Shattered Innocence (HD, TV-14) In 1998, a lawyer in Texas is found shot to death in her bed, and cameras follow along as the investigators go through the evidence.
Forensic Files Weakest Link (HD, TV-14) Authorities attempt to uncover the identity of a girl whose lifeless body was discovered on a remote farm near Delano, California.
Forensic Files Critical Maneuver (HD, TV-14) Forensics experts garner clues from tiny paint chips and pieces of plastic when a hit-and-run accident claims the life of a high school athlete.
Forensic Files Ticker Tape (HD, TV-14) Police detectives initially suspect that the murder of a man outside of his home in the small town of Lefroy, Tasmania, was motivated by robbery.
Forensic Files Blanket of Evidence (HD, TV-14) A variety of tiny clues adds up to an abundance of evidence regarding the case of a woman who disappeared after working the late shift at a department store.

The Bucket List (PG-13, ***) A billionaire and a working-class man who both have terminal cancer sneak out of their hospital room to accomplish the goals they have left unfinished.
High Crimes (TV-14, PG-13, **+) A high-powered attorney defends her husband against allegations that he murdered innocent civilians while on a military mission in Latin America.

The First 48 Family Affair; The Hustler (HD, TV-14) Police investigate the brutal murder of a woman and the disappearance of her niece and mother; a murder victim's stolen car leads to killer.
The First 48 Family Secrets; Clipped (HD, TV-14) The families fear the worst when a young couple goes missing and contact Memphis Homicide; a puzzling barbershop shooting is not what it appears.
The FBI Files Cruel Revenge (HD, TV-14) Agents attempt to locate the son of a wealthy Miami land developer who was abducted by armed kidnappers.

Home Improvement Reality Bytes (TV-G) Randy pretends to be 32 on a dating site, and the woman he meets comes by to visit him; Tim tries to help Mark complete a project for his science class.
Home Improvement The Great Race II (TV-G) Feeling humiliated after Bob Vila manages to raise more money for Jill's fundraiser than him, Tim challenges him to a race in his unfinished hot rod.
Home Improvement Back in the Saddle Shoes Again (TV-G) Jill decides to go back to college after getting laid off, and when Tim begins to worry he might lose her to a smarter man, he tries to change her mind.
Home Improvement Don't Tell Momma (TV-G) While trying to fix a scratch on Jill's car, Tim accidentally drops a three-ton beam on it; Randy and Brad are kicked off of the school bus.
According to Jim Dino-Mite (TV-PG) While Dana and Cheryl have a girls' night out, Jim and Ryan sneak the children into a museum after hours and destroy a T-Rex exhibit.
According to Jim Separate Ways (TV-PG) After Dana brings her new baby over to stay during Ryan's absence, Jim moves in with Andy in order to get more sleep, and ends up doing some male bonding.
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