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« Your Voice Your Vote: Democratic Convention
9 On Your Side at 11PM
Jimmy Kimmel Live (TV-14) Jimmy Kimmel hosts a late-night talk show including monologues, comedy sketches and interviews with talented celebrities and musical guests.
Nightline (TV-PG) News reporters anchor the critically acclaimed program that presents in-depth reporting on the major news stories of the day from around the world.
The List 2nd Run

Forensic Files Fire Proof (TV-14) Seattle area terrorized by a serial arsonist that seems to have no rhyme or reason starting more than 100 fires and investigators use several techniques.
Unsolved Mysteries (HD, TV-14) Witnesses relate their experiences with a helpful ghost who warns residents of coming natural disasters; an innocent woman is killed in a drive-by shooting.
The FBI Files The Initiation (HD, TV-14) Cleveland investigators reconsider the motive in a record store clerk's murder after recovering crucial evidence from the crime scene.
Forensic Files Root of All Evil (TV-14) A plant pathologist and a dendrochronologist test the validity of a wild tale of murder and cremation told by the lover of a farmer's missing wife.

« Secondhand Lions (PG, ***+) An introverted and bookish boy spends the summer with his eccentric great uncles and hears tales of their wild and reckless youth.
Night Court Up on the Roof (TV-14) A popular rock star finds himself imprisoned by his over-protective entourage, and Harry must find a way to free him after getting involved.
Night Court The Wheels of Justice, Part 1 (TV-14) The city of New York cannot pay its employees, and everyone suffers because of the lack of funds; Harry is forced to evict a woman and her son.
The Drew Carey Show Drew and the Racial Tension Play (TV-14) Drew attempts to quell the rising racial tension within his office by putting on a play about stereotyping; Lewis and Doreen develop a mutual attraction.
The Drew Carey Show Kate Works for Drew (TV-14) Drew is put in an awkward situation when Wick insists that he fire his recently hired assistant, Kate; Lewis enters a car contest to compensate Oswald.
Cybill The Little Drummer Girls (TV-PG) Cybill, in attempt to help them overcome their relationship woes, forces Maryann, Rachel and Zoey to go to a new age drum beating session.
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