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General Hospital (HD, New, TV-14) Carly can't find her husband; Jason has an update; Jordan and Curtis discuss the details of their wedding; Monica shares her experience; Julian suspects Alexis.
Pickler and Ben
The Now Cincinnati

American Greed: Scams, Scoundrels and Scandals Deadly Payout (HD, TV-PG) A Texas trio entices investors to back their 'life settlement' insurance firm to the tune of $100 million, claiming that they will double their money.
American Greed: Scams, Scoundrels and Scandals Wild West Rip-Off (HD, TV-PG) A real estate broker in New Mexico collects $75 million by using his personal magnetism to convince people that they are buying into a land investment fund.
Corrupt Crimes Self Defense or Murder? (HD, TV-PG) Audio evidence is presented after the shooting deaths of two teenagers by a Minnesota man who claims he feared for his life and was defending his property.
Corrupt Crimes Ohio Craigslist Killer (HD, TV-PG) After answering an online advertisement for work, four men are lured to a remote area and killed by murderer and his young accomplice.

Night Court Another Day in the Life (TV-14) The courtroom is in panic as the gang races to clear 207 cases in one session so a millionaire will donate money to save an orphanage.
Night Court Heart of Stone (TV-14) An old flame of Harry's drops by to renew their relationship but conveniently forgets to mention that she's married.
The Drew Carey Show Baby Face (TV-14) Involuntary mental images of the baby hampers Drew's plan to convince Kellie she is still sexually attractive to him.
The Drew Carey Show Knot in the Mood (TV-14) Drew's plan to propose to Kellie is put on hold after he learns her parents are planning to get divorced; Lewis comforts Annette.
The Drew Carey Show The Passion of the Wick (TV-14) Mr. Wick agrees to provide investment capital for Drew proposed retro store on the condition Drew can hide Wick's mistress from prying eyes.
The Drew Carey Show Finale (TV-14) Drew and the crew scramble to organize his wedding to Kellie before she can give birth to the baby out of wedlock.
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